Navigating the TUP Portal

Welcome to the MetaFacts TUP/Technology User Profile subscriber client portal!

How to navigate this private portal

This portal has been designed to help you find what you’re looking for in the TUP/Technology User Profile content.

This portal includes links to nearly all of the TUP deliverables that are within your current subscription. This includes the tables, supporting documentation, and analyses. To maintain confidentiality, this portal does not include the results of any of your company’s proprietary inquiries or the full TUP datasets. Please contact us for direct access to these.

A portal to help you find results

We have organized the TUP results into more than a dozen TUP Lenses, each one focused on TUP results by a key subject area. These span TUP’s coverage of technology, users, and activities.

Cross-tabulations are one of the most widely used deliverables for primary research studies such as TUP. They form the foundation for each of the TUP Lenses. To access the TUP Tables by topic, start with the above menu named TUP Lenses or choose the page on TUP Lenses. For clients who prefer to begin at the beginning, we have provided links to the TUP questionnaires.

To give you examples of how you can use TUP in your own analysis, we have posted many analyses throughout this portal. These are intended to give you examples of how you can use TUP and update you on trends and key observations we have spotted. Review the RECENT FINDINGS menu to see the newest content added.

Content menus to the right

TUP TOPICS draws together all of the TUP contents in this site by its key subjects. The most-cited topics are shown. To probe more deeply, use the SEARCH box.

TUP FINDINGS points you to related TUP content drawn together in the many TUP Lenses, by deliverables formats, or by TUP Wave.

Please also don’t hesitate to contact MetaFacts.

Usage guidelines: This document may be freely shared within and outside your organization in its entirety and unaltered. It may not be used with a generative AI system without separate licensing and express written permission. To share or quote excerpts, please contact MetaFacts.