TUP Deliverables Formats

This page lists recent posts by the format in which they are delivered.

TUP deliverable formatDescription
MetaFAQsAddresses a specific current or often-asked question
TUPdatesDrills down more deeply into TUP to cover a topic in more detail
HighlightsBroader analysis about a specific TUP lens
TUP TablesLinks to the supporting TUP cross tabulations
TUP DatasetsEach wave of TUP has its own datasets. Their native format is SPSS, which includes metadata for multi-response variables and categories. Please contact MetaFacts for access to the datasets.
TUP InquiriesInquiry results are treated as proprietary, are not linked to through this portal. and are instead provided directly to the requestor. Please contact MetaFacts for these deliverables.

Recent MetaFAQs

Recent TUPdates

Recent TUP Highlights

Recent TUP Tables

Lens GroupTUP Lens
TUP Lenses on Activities
TUP Activities Lens
TUP Communications Lens
TUP Lenses on Technology
TUP Devices Lens
TUP PCs Lens
TUP Tablets Lens
TUP Mobile Phones Lens
TUP Printers Lens
TUP Consumer Electronics Lens
TUP Lenses on Users
TUP User Profile Lens
TUP Households Lens
TUP Lenses on Technology + Users + Activities
TUP Wearables, Hearables, Listening, and Speaking Lens
TUP Game Consoles, Gaming PCs, and Game-Playing Lens
TUP Work/Life Balance Lens
TUP Home Entertainment Lens
TUP Technology Ecosystems Lens

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