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Stable projection methodology.

When I need something right away, it’s probably in Technology User Profile.

TUP/Technology User Profile® is a syndicated survey that captures overall PC, internet, printer, and mobile phone usage, including tech product and service, and demographic characteristics of thousands of online and offline technology users, carefully balanced to be representative of the market.

TUP is an Integrated Source – Because Technology User Profile captures and delivers an integrated view, it can provide those critical relationships between Users, Products, and Activities that really let you know what is going on in more depth than single-dimension estimates or separate studies.

TUP is Comprehensive – TUP Covers a wide range of technology products and services, from wearable technology and smartphones to tablets, PCs, and printers

TUP Includes User Behavior – Beyond knowing knows who uses which technology devices and services, TUP reveals user’s activities to give a fuller understanding of why some tech users buy and others don’t

TUP Serves Many Needs – from market sizing to measuring market opportunities, customer demand, and demographics, TUP supports a wide variety of business planning needs

These and many other solutions have been implemented for years by clients using the TUP/Technology User Profile study. It has breadth, depth, and consistency that keeps TUP as a trusted resource for decades.

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