Apple deepens its loyalty in Germany and the UK

One hallmark of Apple’s success with its technology ecosystems is the breadth of Apple products that customers use. Using the most straightforward measure of market penetration—those adults who use at least one Apple product—Apple shows stable market penetration globally and in the US, the UK, Germany, and Japan. Looking one level deeper, the share of customers using two or more Apple OS devices shows a similar pattern, a positive sign for Apple. User penetration trends in China are less optimistic.

This MetaFAQs reports on the percentage of online adults using one or more Apple OS devices—an iPhone, iPad, or MAC—and those using two or more Apple OS devices. The data is split by country. Report [TUP_doc_2024_0213_aplt] in TUP Lenses: Technology Ecosystems; PCs; Mobile Phones; Tablets

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