Peak smartwatch? Time for a strategy shift

Smartwatches have quickly gained popularity, gracing the wrists of millions. These devices offer more than just timekeeping and fitness monitoring; they’ve evolved into personal assistants. Users value their multi-functionality, utilizing them for calendars, health metrics, reminders, and more. In addition, they’ve become a symbol of modern luxury. However, the latest wave of TUP confirms that the smartwatch market penetration seems to have reached a peak or plateau. Now, it’s largely about replacing older models rather than attracting first-time users. Therefore, manufacturers need to adapt their strategies, focusing less on expanding their user base and more on meeting the needs of existing customers.

These TUP tables report on the number and percentage of online adults regularly using a smartwatch such as an Apple Watch. They also include the number who are planning to purchase one within the coming 12 months.

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