Printer activity trends in US, Germany, UK, Japan, and China

Printer activity has declined around the world – in the US, Germany, UK, Japan, and China – even as printers are an active part of the majority of online adults. Printing activities include printing documents, web pages, reports, presentations, personal records, and even recipes. However, it’s important to note that not all online adults are actively engaged in this practice. The extent of printer usage varies considerably from one country to another, and this variation carries substantial implications for both printer manufacturers and the suppliers of consumables like ink, toner, and paper.

To provide valuable insights into this trend, we present the TUP tables 410 PRxCOUNTRY from 2017 through 2023, which offer a comprehensive overview of printer usage among online adults in five key markets: the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, and China. This data encompasses the percentage of individuals in each country who have utilized a printer in the preceding 90 days, along with detailed information on the number of printers they have employed. Report [TUP_doc_2023_1210_prpt] in TUP Lenses: Printers

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