Foldable smartphone early adopters

Foldables – smartphones with screens that can be folded – have received substantial media attention while actual sales have been limited. MetaFacts tested the actual acceptance of foldable smartphones among the general online public. (Note: This survey is of the general online public, not only of early adopters, technology enthusiasts, or influencers.) MetaFacts added one question to the annual TUP/Technology User Profile questionnaire and we found 121 respondents that report using a foldable smartphone out of 13,641 online adult respondents across the US, UK, Germany, Japan, and China. The highest share of usage was for Huawei foldable in China.
This sample size is too tiny to profile or size foldables users definitively. Treat the following as directional about the earliest foldables adopters. We can use these research results as confirmation that actual current foldables usage is minimal.

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